Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early voting in Cheshire

I understand that Presidential election years normally generate 1,000 absentee ballot requests. And this year has already seen 1,500 requested... with 1,000 returned.

As for a demographic breakdown, I can't give it to you. But I know from experience that absentee ballots will be sent to college students, out-of-state military and seniors - who have headed south for the winter or are unable to get to the polls - among others.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Not so sure I would be confident in your numbers. Have tried in the past to get absentee ballots for my children at College & I have gotten stonewalling from the Town Clerk--she would sent a letter back asking for a "phone call" after a request for absentee ballot was placed.

Anonymous said...

In 2004 1483 AB's were cast in Cheshire. So, 1,500 is a lot, but not incredibly huge in historical numbers

Anonymous said...

For this year it has become a hing to do, vote early under the excuse of absentism. A fad, nothing more. Sch a shame the electorate falls for fads.

Anonymous said...

"Such a shame the electorate falls for fads."

Like the big fad they're about to fall for on Nov. 4.

A Frontline documentary revealed that Obama decided not to wait until 2012 because by then he'd have an actual record (gasp!) that can be weighed and judged.

Obama decided to run as a freshman senator in '08, with little record, so he could be all things to all people.

Buyers beware of the smooth talk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like the Warren Court wasn't radical enough to impose socialist economics on America.

Bush's legacy is going to be getting this whackadoo elected. From bad to worse we go.

Anonymous said...

No it is not a fad-its jobs, a trillion dollar debt and a bridge to no where-which is where your GOP party will soon be going-nowhere.
Obama is here

tim white said...

1483 absentees in 2004. Interesting. Maybe numbers won't be up... though I understand the 1500 numbers was at least as long ago as Friday.

I'm sure the Town Clerk has solid numbers. But it'll all be over soon enough... and I didn't have time to confirm anything today.

Anonymous said...

He is here that is a fact. When is his record arriving? Present but DID NOT vote hundreds of times. Where's the beef????