Monday, October 27, 2008

CT-5 debate with all four candidates

I attended tonight's CT-5 debate - the only debate including all four candidates, rather than only the candidates from the two major parties. The four candidates are:

Democrat Chris Murphy
Green Harold Burbank
Independent Tom Winn
Republican Dave Cappiello

Some random highlights:

Most appreciated comment - Murphy commenting on the value of having all four candidates in the debate.

Most convincing criticism - On the bailout, Cappiello mentioned that Bush's 3 page rubberstamp request became a 450 page request with "safeguards." But somehow those safeguards couldn't stop Bazooka Hank from his switching of buying mortgages to buying banks.

Most convincing defense - Murphy said Cappiello offered no alternative.

Most passionate - Harold Burbank when he pleaded for the impeachment of Bush. Agree with him or not, I just don't see the point in running on this platform at this point. Nonetheless, he was by far the most passionate candidate on stage.

Most polished speaker - Chris Murphy

Best presentation - Harold Burbank as he stood up straight, not slouched... and all the other candidates sat down on tall chairs.

My least favorite candidate - Tom Winn didn't seem able to articulate why he was running. And frankly, some of his answers didn't make sense... and not in a "I disagree with him" way. No, a few of his answers simply didn't make sense.

I'm a Republican and I like Dave. But I see a real problem for him because I believe an election is a referendum on the incumbent. And two questions must be answered by each individual voter:

1) Should the incumbent be fired?
2) Is the challenger a credible alternative?

Regardless of your answer to question #1, the answer to question #2 was obvious.

To which I offer a simple alternative - the gold standard.

Yes, a thoughtful debate on the gold standard would bore most people to sleep. But I firmly believe that it's a credible alternative... and that's what Dave needs right now.

Overall though, I give the debate to Burbank. I disagreed with a number of points, but his knowledge and passion provided him with the best debate performance. Also, I spoke with a reporter afterward who said a number of other people said the same thing. Channel 30 was there, so some of it may make it to their website.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I watched the Murphy vs Cappiello debate the other night and thought Mr Cappiello did a great job. Mr. Murphy had no answers fo all the pac money he has received. It's to bad that both of them live in the same district and must run against each other when both could do a better job than some of our other senators.

Anonymous said...

Murphy is so lame. In his new ad he doesn't answer any of Cappiello's charges cause he is using his baby as a prop.

Too bad Owen is too young to realise Daddy takes money from any lobbyist who has a pulse

tim white said...

both could do a better job than some of our other senators

So true.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Murphy ad?

I thought the FDA had banned the use of saccarhrine?