Monday, October 20, 2008

Do not question staff publicly!

As many of you know, when I ask a question during a Council meeting... many insiders get upset. For instance, Town Hall insiders have gotten upset during the past year when I've voiced concerns about:

1) out-of-state conferences & seminars
2) the take home vehicles with unlimited gasoline
3) a lack of a comprehensive energy action plan
4) the energy wasted on the pool
5) the corruption memo
6) the benefit of the tax hike fund balance policy
7) the lack of Council video on the town website

8) the volume of employee grievances

And residents, such as Marie Carolla, have even started asking why the Council refuses to answer my questions.

But I think this Council has reached the end of its rope.

Starting a few months ago the Council Chair decided that most probitive questions were no longer allowed.

You hadn't noticed this new prohibition?

Well, here's the new law of the land being spoken during the October 14 regular Council meeting:

That's right...

Council members shall not question staff publicly!

Of course, we're permitted to email staff with questions. But we all know what's happening here:

Control the information, control the agenda.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Wir sind nicht der Frage der Stadt F├╝hrer!
Wir gehorchen ihm!

(We do not question the town leader!
We obey him!)

Anonymous said...

If you can't ask questions what are you doing at these meetings? You certainly will not be doing what you were elected to do. Represent the citizens of Cheshire and make sure the you watch that our tax $$$$$$$$ are spent wisely.

Anonymous said...

Their arrogance is astonishing and gets bolder all the time.