Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Senator Government

Anyone catch that comment by McCain? It sounded unintentional, but I'm not sure.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard that one. Was glad to hear McCain say that he didn't think throwing more money at education will necessarily make it better. Wish the people in this town realized that fact.

tim white said...

I missed that part of the debate.

But I agree with your point that the fed gov't shouldn't be in education. Ignoring the philosophical issue of gov't involvement... America is bankrupt. We can't afford all this spending and promises of more spending.

My understanding is if we eliminated our overseas spending entirely (DOD, State, etc.), eliminated the 1 in 6 dollars of waste on all domestic "discretionary" spending and a few other things, we'd still be WAY far away from taking any significant step toward addressing the solvency of Medicare and Social Security... and Medicare is projected to bankrupt by 2019.

We need to cut spending at the federal level. I'd start with the IRS, then get rid of the DOE. Besides... I really don't think the DOE benefits the kids. As Tom Gaffey made clear tonight... it all starts at home.

It's On The Wall said...

I totally think it was accidental, but that's too bad, because it was just priceless.

Just listen! Senator Government

Anonymous said...

A "community organizer" always sees government as the only solution and business as the force of evil

tim white said...

11:20 that's not true. I could easily see Ron Paul as a community organizer. He was the only candidate with a significantly different view on healthcare... wanting to get gov't out of it and return to the days when people joined community organizations (maybe the Elks, Knights of Columbus, Masons, etc.) to handle healthcare.

I'm not saying that's perfect. I'm not well versed in it.

But my point is that those groups are all community organizations and I'm pretty sure they're all fairly independent of the gov't.

tim white said...

11:18... that may be this week's SNL moment.

Barak H. Obama said...

Like I said earlier this week, "We have to spread the wealth around" ... We have to take money from you rich folks in Cheshire to fund the schools in New Haven and Hartford.

Pay no attention to McCain when he points out that record spending on urban schools isn't producing results.

Hey, maybe money can't buy personal motivation in school, but it can sure buy an election! I'm spending three times the money as McCain, and soon I'll be spreading YOUR wealth around!