Saturday, October 04, 2008

Murphy / Cappiello / Burbank on bailout

Here's Chris Murphy's initial ad on the bailout:

Here's Republican Dave Cappiello's response to Chris Murphy's vote on the bailout:

And here's the "early-on" comments from Harold Burbank on the bailout:

I OPPOSE BAILOUTS OF FAILED GREEDY CORPORATIONS: The week of 9-15-08 saw the biggest Wall Street failures, and the biggest proposed federal bailout plan, since the Great Depression. The plan as stated today (9-24-08) puts our nation's treasury, including the fate of Social Security, directly in the hands of Henry Paulson, who knew this crisis existed for years and did NOTHING about it except let it get worse. The plan says Congress must give up its authority to regulate Paulson/Treasury Dept., and make him/Treasury free of court jurisdiction and oversight of any kind, no matter what mistakes Paulson and his cronies make. Not only is this unconstitutional (you cannot legislate away the powers of co-equal branches of government) but madness akin to monarchy; a blank check for Paulson to do what he wants. This kind of unitary economic control is what brought Adolf Hitler's German fascists to power in 1933 under a so called "temporary arrangement" due to Germany's 1930's depression.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Murphy's a fraud. He's just like his buddies Rowland and Dodd, doling out megabucks to his campaign contributors. And after he promised he wouldn;t do this.