Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Trash hauling guilty pleas continue

The scandal that broke two summers ago when indictments were handed out to dozens of trash haulers continues to hit the headlines:

With guilty pleas in a federal trash-hauling probe nearing 100 percent of the 30-odd indicted, it's apparent that Connecticut lawmakers should be motivated to restart efforts to regulate the industry - and get the job done this time. State officials have been patently aware of problems at least since 2005, but have allowed proposals for tightening up oversight of the industry to languish, seemingly unconcerned about costs to individuals and businesses from criminal activities.

An accountant was the latest to be taken down (Greenwich Time), pleading guilty last Thursday in New Haven's U.S. District Court...

That leaves only one person yet to face the music out of 33: a former state trooper whose trial is slated for October.

Geez... I wonder why nothing's happening at the state level?

Tim White

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