Monday, September 08, 2008

Murphy supports founding documents in schools

As I mentioned before and now from his House webpage:

"John had a fantastic idea that will undoubtedly enrich the civic education of students here in Cheshire and across the country. I am grateful that he took the opportunity to meet me at the Cheshire Stop and Shop to share this idea with me. Today, I am taking it to Washington, where I am optimistic it will be embraced by both Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives," said Murphy.

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan also has a piece. He explains:

White goes to Dodd Middle School on Liberty Day, March 16, to introduce different members of local government and reinforce the importance of the Constitution and Declaration to children. "I'm trying to make the Constitution relevant to kids," he said.

That's absolutely true. I recall when my dad asked me to speak on Liberty Day. I tried to make government relevant by asking "Who's in charge?" The answers started with "the teacher," working up to "the Superintendent." Then I pressed and got "the elected members of the Board of Ed" and finally got to The Real Boss - "their parents" (among all voters). And I've had the discussion elsewhere, such as at Scout meetings. And that always leads to some fun conversations about a variety of issues, such as a "redress of grievances" and petitioning.

But back to the MRJ story... I think my favorite line is where you see my dad's libertarian-leaning tendencies:

White suggested only a resolution, rather than mandatory legislation, saying the federal government doesn't have the Constitutional authority to tell school districts they must display the documents.

He sticks to his guns!

Tim White

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