Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meeting of the full PBC - June 4 - hWg 31

In relation to hotWatergate, I believe this is the entire text of the June 4 PBC meeting:Extending the completion date from August 15 to September 22 provides an additional 39 days.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Since that meeting of June 4th, have they received all the proper permits and is work progressing on schedule at the rate that was originally bid?
Are they still replacing 2 boilers?
I am amazed that they still hadn't ordered the boiler, eventhough they had all the specs from the town engineer and were awarded the final bid.Did the engineer screw up?

Anonymous said...


This seems to be squeaky clean and completely fair to all previous bids and bidders. NOT!

Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

It is hard to figure just why the plumbing company in question should not be penalized because the town hasn’t issued a heating permit. The minutes appear to indicate that the plumber’s engineer must clarify some building egress issues before a permit can be given. Well, again it kind of looks like at this late date the basic engineering supporting this important project has not even been completed to the point where the field work can begin. Since the plumbing company seems to have contracted for the engineering why not hold the plumbing company’s feet to the fire by penalizing them for failing to perform a basic function associated with a boiler installation in a public building?

As for the board of education member maybe he wasn’t quoted correctly. I sure hope the board of education understands the importance of all the technical issues associated with local, state, and federal codes and standards and only wants the town to do everything it can to be certain all of these have been followed in a lawful manner. What else can the town do other then verify full compliance with all required laws, codes and standards?

One last thought which may be beyond the scope of a project which selected controls that don’t fit, has anyone reviewed the fuel consumption and heat output figures for this installation? Just how much fuel is this system planned to consume based on typical winter conditions here? Is there any performance guarantee made by the installer concerning fuel consumption?

Anonymous said...

I remember when Bowman said to the TC that CCC already ordered the boilers, etc and the price increase of $16,500 was unjustified. CCC never ordered the items obviously. Guess Bowman was just blowing off some hot air again.
Bowman should have had to sign a penalty clause also. That's just crazy that we didn't make him do it.

Anonymous said...


"I believe ths is the entire text of the June 4 PBC meeting..." regarding the Norton project. It isn't; you missed one paragraph on the next page. I stopped and reviewed the minutes. I find the missed part meaningful and important. Check it out.

tim white said...

Thanks. And sorry about missing it. I'll try to get my hands on it.