Friday, September 05, 2008


There's going to be a Pool Bubble Alternative Subcommittee meeting on Sept 16. The agenda includes "discussing the recommendations." I'm uncertain of what "recommendations" will be discussed.

There may be one positive step forward though. I was told that the Bubble Committee Chairman, Matt Altieri, was heard having a serious conversation with someone about performance contracting and the pool.

Of course, the proof will be in the pudding if/when action is taken. But until then, I thought Councilman Altieri deserved credit for at least considering it.

We all know The Promissor never seriously considered PC.

And on a somewhat related note, at the end of last night's Solid Waste Committee meeting I suggested the Committee add an item to the agenda - increasing Cheshire's recycling rate. I recall Diane Visconti advocating this as a Council member. She commented that studies exist showing people recycle no more than the size of their recycle bin... and that doubling the size of Cheshire's bins would double our recycling rate. And when you take into account all the moving pieces of the trash disposal facility*... this is something we need to seriously consider.

Is this leading with baby steps? I'm not sure, but it's better than where we've been lately.

Tim White

* One consideration would be the contracted volume we commit to delivering to a trash disposal facility. Consider... the W2E facilities use our garbage as fuel to generate electricity. So they want to know they have a guaranteed fuel supply. Additionally, the town generates about 20,000 tons of waste annually. Of that, residential waste constitutes 8200 tons.

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