Thursday, September 04, 2008

Energy Chair continues on performance contracting

Regarding performance contracting, the Energy Commission Chair sent another email to the full Council, Energy Commission and several others. The text follows:

CCM and Siemens Building Technologies proposed a small energy savings performance contract (ESPC) in Cheshire in 2002. Attached is a copy of the presentation they made and a copy of a recent article about Enfield's plan to implement a "holistic approach to energy conservation" using an ESPC.

I will continue to provide you with information about this concept so that everyone is well-informed and can make a decision whether or not to investigate its use in Cheshire.

Thank you.

Rich Ogurick
Chairman, Cheshire Energy Commission

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Better late then never

Amazing. Bringing up a small proposal from 2002 which also went nowhere. Only about 6 years old and we are going to kick it around now. Come on folks, how about a small proposal on the same topic which is valid for the next 90 days? What have we been doing about this 2002 proposal for the past ~2,190 days?