Saturday, September 06, 2008

Council agenda 9/9

I'm so excited about moving forward with a new and improved strategery strategic plan!!!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

So if we're spending $325,000 on road repavement projects why did the dem majority vote to spend, what was it and add'l $47K, for a pavement management system? We're fixing the roads as we're able we really need a company telling us in what order to fix them?

Anonymous said...

Besides adding additional names to the veteran's memorial plaza, what else are we doing there?

tim white said...

do we really need a company telling us in what order to fix them?

No and I opposed wasting the $46,000. But some people apparently aren't too concerned about distinguishing between necessities and niceties.

tim white said...

what else are we doing there?

Nothing, as far as I know... though I haven't read my pack yet. Additionally, my dad hasn't mentioned anything else to me... so I'm confident it's simply adding the names of those who entered the service from Cheshire.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we had a town engineer that lived in town, they would know which roads needed maintenance and their priorities. Instead we hire more out-of-towners to analyse our streets and sell us more software that we can continue to pay for annual updates.

Face it, Cheshire doesn't really have that many roads.

Anonymous said...

Besides the roads, what is the town doing about the water main problems? We had a water main break at CHS and now one down at the north end of town. Do we just wait until the next water main break or can the town do something to prevent them? Why is the dem majority so focused on wasteful projects like artificial turf?