Friday, September 05, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - approved 5 to 3

With Laura DeCaprio feeling better and attending... and Tim Slocum feeling great, but attending a previously scheduled commitment last night... the 08/09 Capital Budget vote swung from a 4-4 deadlock to a 5-3 approval.

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan reports:

The Town Council approved the capital budget and five-year capital plan Thursday in a party-line vote.

A Democratic majority passed the budget and plan, checking Republican attempts to cut $612,000 from the 2008-2009 capital budget.

As I've been saying, my main goal with the capital budget is to create a comprehensive energy action plan to conserve energy, help protect the environment and hopefully save some money.

There was one other very interesting topic discussed - the CHS air conditioning installation and heating retrofit. But that deserves some attention. So I'll post on it separately.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

OT, but the feds are taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac this weekend.

Gotta hand it to Banking Committee Chairman Dodd, the Brownie of high finance

Anonymous said...

The Republicans gave away the 3rd last election. We got what we deserve. Next time we should get a candidate that is 1, a real Republican and 2, will make at least some kind of effort to get elected.
That's why we don't have a majority now!

tim white said...

12:53 Finding candidates can be done... finding a candidate with "the fire in the belly" can be difficult.

If you know anyone who wants to run for office (in the 3rd or elsewhere), please contact me: