Friday, October 03, 2008

Vote Smart 2008 - State House

This is interesting. Based on everything I've ever heard, VoteSmart is considered the preeminent website for learning about candidates for office. Interestingly though, only Al Adinolfi responded to the "Political Courage Test"*. I can speak with experience that not responding is a mistake. In 2006, I got a bunch of phone calls just before Election Day. Anyway, below are links to the answers for the Political Courage Test.

It's also worth noting that for Mary and Vickie, you can easily click through to their "voting record." So you can definitely get a sense of them.

Marty Atkins (R)
Vickie Orsini Nardello (D)

Mary Fritz (D)
Peter Votto (CFL)

Al Adinolfi (R)
Elizabeth Esty (D)

While I'm supporting Al, I also like Peter Votto. Though I don't know anything about his personal views... I agree with much of his party's platform.

I intend to do the same for the other offices here in town.

Tim White

* at least so far, and the deadline has passed... though not all answers are necessarily on the website yet


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Esty is going around dropping off literature. It's remarkable what she chooses to omit from her biography:

1. Where she attended college and law school

2. Where she presently works

3. What political party she belongs to.

I can only assume she is embarrassed to be an elitist yuppie Democrat, or she thinks she is going to represent a bunch of rubes who don't deserve to know this stuff anyway.

And what information made her brochure?

....That she is a "hockey mom"

Jeez, if Mitt Romney was running with McCain she might be claiming to be a Mormon.

Anonymous said...

Did she omit:

She was a staunch supporter of the mall regardless of the the long list of negatives including the total destruction of a the 107 acres that the environmentaly sensitive Ten Mile river flows through and this is even though her husband is a Yale Professor Environmental Law and Policy. She never went to any P&Z meeting on the mall to voice any concern over the many negative aspects.

She supports the artificial turf.

She enjoys shenanigans like falsely accusing people of wrong doing and when she is caught their is no apology.

She is a big spender and unconcerned about the taxpayers. She has no idea of the hardships that many residents face.

She has no independent voting record. She votes strictly in lockstep with the 4 other Dem's
who vote as they are told and usually for the special interests and not the taxpayers.

She enjoys center stage and likes to talk and talk. She is very good at repeating what other people say as if it is her idea.

She is like Palin in that she gets rid of highly qualified commission members who she feels may not agree with her.

She has no idea of where state grant money comes from.

Hockey mom, ha, ha, ha ....