Sunday, December 13, 2009

The "clustering" and deadlines for the energy grant

At last Tuesday's Council meeting we learned of possible grant money related to energy projects in town. I elaborated on this a bit in this post yesterday.

Having read a grant-related document, I now understand the idea to be that Cheshire and Bethany are considered "energy leaders" in CT. Thus, Cheshire and Bethany have been selected as two of the fourteen towns for which this grant money is targeted. An additional consideration was that towns are to be "clustered." Here are some details on the current clustering and proposed program rollout:Maybe somebody noticed the Bethany / Cheshire clean energy competition a few years ago?

And here are the "next steps" detailed in the grant document:

1) Letters due back to us* – December 9, 2009

2) Grant application submitted – December 14, 2009

3) Awards announced – March 15, 2010

4) Stakeholder meetings, MOU’s, and data requests from the utilities – April-May of 2010

5) Awards made – May 15, 2010 (time to create the national model for community-based clean energy and energy efficiency programming!!!)

Tim White

* With regard to "us," I can't quite tell what group is organizing this. But it seems to be a consortium of groups, including the CT Clean Energy Fund and CT Energy Efficiency Fund.


Anonymous said...

sounds like another bureaucratic nightmare to be run by an expanded regional gov't. entity...typical Obama BS.

Anonymous said...

I read that this is to benefit the homeowners. How is that going to work?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this is a program that will help homeowners to make energy improvements to their homes.

I know that CL&P offers homeowners several services (based on income) whereby they would come to your house, give an analysis of what could be done, and they actually make the energy improvements for you free of charge. I know of someone who had insulation installed in their whole house, weatherstripping around doors, etc.

tim white said...

I called the Bethany Energy Chair, Mike Okrent, this weekend. He told me that path taken by Bethany was:

1) CL&P paid for a mailer to all Bethany h/h's with Mike's signature;

2) someone performed energy audits on the 5% of h/h's that responded (about 110 out of 2000 or so);

3) I think some improvements were made on the spot;

4) The Town of Bethany then issued rebates to participants... something on the order of a $25 rebate on a $75 audit / improvement / service.

I'd love to see something like that happen in Cheshire.

Anonymous said...

Didn't someone in the energy committee suggest using stimulus grant money to market the cl&p home energy audits?