Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turmelle on Tuesday's preliminary budget meeting

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports:

The Town Council will see what the 2010-11 municipal budget may look like next week during a meeting with Town Manager Michael Milone and Superintendent of Schools Greg Florio.

The Tuesday meeting at Town Hall is designed to give members of the newly sworn-in council extra time to prepare for how they want to craft the budget, Milone said....

“We have some real challenges ahead of us,” said Republican Thomas Ruocco, who is serving on the council’s budget committee.

Also on the agenda will be a federal energy grant that came to the Town's attention just last week. I don't have a complete understanding of it yet, but here are some highlights:

1) 14 of the 169 CT towns are to be involved;
2) Cheshire is one of the 14 because we are viewed as an energy leader;
3) CT will get a federal grant of $435,000;
4) The $435,000 can be coupled with other funds for a total value of $3,200,000;
5) Cheshire may be working with Bethany;
6) The funding is to be spent on households in Cheshire, not the government.

I'll read more about it though and try to update further.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Is this a public meeting ?

Anonymous said...

This is a public meeting. I will also be on Cox 14. The budget presentation is an overview.