Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Council meeting - December 8, 2009

The 20th Council held its first regular meeting tonight.* All items on the agenda passed unanimously among those present.**

It seemed as though the item to generate the most discussion was the work to be done at Mixville, including the dredging and possible dam improvements. Besides cost, the main issue was the timing of the work. Either the Council had to act tonight... or risk missing several months due to weather.

Overall I thought Chairman Slocum ran the meeting quite well. It was his first time running a meeting on camera, but I thought he kept it focused and moving.

Tim White

* The Council has meetings that are regular (2nd Tuesday of every month), emergency (meetings with less than 24 hours notice) and special (all the rest).

** Jimmy Sima's mother-in-law passed today. Please say a prayer.


Tim White said...

almost forgot... the building inspection late fee was tabled and returned to the ORC by a unanimous vote of those present.

Anonymous said...

FOI. Big brother is watching you. How do you voice your opinion to your Reps?

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed to learn that Milone and MacBroom got the engineering contract, and they got it without going out to bid. It's time to break the cozy relationship that the town staff have with M&B. I have a bad feeling that there is a close relationship between M&B and our local developers and the mall developer.