Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ordinance Review Committee

Chair Anne Giddings' ORC agenda...

7:30 P.M., TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 2010


1. Roll Call.
2. Pledge of Allegiance.
3. Public Building Commission ordinance revision.
4. Parking tickets and alarms fines ordinance.
5. Patton Drive parking.
6. Massage parlor ordinance.
7. Noise ordinance.
8. Reconsideration of building permit fee ordinance.
9. Elderly tax freeze ordinance automatic repeal.
10. Elderly tax credits and qualifying income.
11. Historic District fees.
12. Adjournment.

There may also be another pool structure meeting next week.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Huge agenda. What about the ederly tax program? This should continue.

Anonymous said...

Only if they complete remedial spelling

Anonymous said...

Wait until you get old and see if spelling is the only important thing in your life. Give it a break.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when the next pool meeting is.

Anonymous said...

Tim: Could you give us a brief review of items #3, #5, and #6?

Anne Giddings said...

I thank Tim for posting this agenda and will try to help out by providing some information relative to the items. This morning's Waterbury paper had an article with a little information about this meeting.

One correction to the article: the property tax relief ordinances (Sec.17-6 and 17-15, both of which have sunset clauses) apply to residents who are 65+ years of age. The article indicated "seniors over 70."

Minutes of the ORC meetings of 2/5/09, 5/19/09, 6/24/09, 8/4/09, and 10/27/09 are on line.

#3-There has been some discussion of slightly revising the requirements for Town Council and PBC oversight of "smaller and routine" building projects, due to a concern about the length of time it takes to receive all of the approvals. The minutes of the 2/5/09 Ordinance Review Committee indicate that this had then been under revision for 8 months.

#5-Parking is prohibited on Patton Drive while the high school is in session. The Police Department received a request from a Patton Drive resident to review the "no on street" parking ban, according to minutes of the 10/27/09 ORC meeting.

#6-This originated due to an arrest in town in 2008. Possible ordinance was discussed at the 2/5/09 and 5/19/09 ORC meetings and reference to a draft ordinance is made in the 8/4/09 minutes, but not in the 10/27/09 minutes. (That last meeting concerned only Patton Drive and a possible building fees amendment, according to those minutes.)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what happened at this meeting?

Anne Giddings said...

Here's a summary:

PBC--a small committee will be established to draw up guidelines for town administration to use to recommend that the Town Council provide the PBC with waviers of some steps of the process. Jim McKenney was at the ORC meeting and agreed to serve. A Council member will be asked to serve and a rep of the town. (Since then Mr. Milone has informed me that Joe Michaelangelo will be that rep.)

Parking tickets--referred to the Town Attorney for paperwork so that the Hearing Officer can refer those who do not respond or pay fines to court and civil action can then be taken.

Patton Drive--ORC recommends no change.

Massage parlor--due to a change in state law this is now a moot point. Police do not need any additional laws/ordinances.

Noise ordinance--ORC recommended no change. Jerry Sitko will continue to work with the businesses involved.

Building permit fee--Approved and sent to Town Council.

Elderly tax freeze--Approved and sent to Town Council.

Elderly tax credits--Approved and sent to Town Council.

Historic District fees--referred to Town Attorney for wording of ordinance. (I recused myself from this, since I am a member of the Congregational Church and of the Board of Trustees; I was at an HDC meeting last summer as a representative of the church when 3 applications for work on the church and the parsonage were presented. By the end of Jan. I'll no longer be a Trustee.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anne for providing this info. A breath of fresh air.