Monday, December 07, 2009

Organizational meeting of the 20th Council

Sworn in yesterday, the 20th Town Council had its organizational meeting tonight.

In a vote called by the Town Clerk, Carolyn Soltis, Council member Tim Slocum was unanimously elected Chairman. And with our Chairman in place, we elected a Vice Chair.

David Schrumm will be Tim Slocum's #2.

We also voted on meeting dates for the next twelve months and adopted rules of procedure.

In relation to the rules of procedure, I voiced two concerns with Cheshire's new Honorary Mayor:

1) I'd like to see stricter enforcement of the three-minute speaking rule... at least when there are other people who want to speak. IMO, it's a matter of being respectful to all the other residents who wish to speak.

2) All questions from the lecturn should go to the Chair. This relates to open-ended questions to all nine Council members. Council meetings will take forever if all nine Council members respond to open-ended questions.

Then after the votes, Council members were introduced to the TMs direct reports. This is my fourth Council and the first time that this introduction has happened.

Tim White

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Breachway said...

Maybe they wanted the direct reports to see who has been signing off on all of their "good work".