Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tom Foley meets the Cheshire RTC

Running for the GOP nomination for Governor of Connecticut, Tom Foley introduced himself to the Cheshire Republican Town Committee tonight. Here's a brief clip I grabbed of him on his way out the door:

And on the topic of GOP candidates running for high office next year... following the December 3 Hamden RTC meeting where I met Peter Schiff (US Senate candidate), I tried to schedule Mr. Schiff to speak at tonight's Cheshire RTC meeting. Unfortunately, while his staff were highly receptive to the idea... I was informed that all CRTC agendas had already been set for the meetings through February. So Peter won't be coming to Cheshire until March. Regardless, he's having the grand opening of his headquarters tomorrow night if you're interested.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I met Mr. Foley, and was very impressed by him. I feel that we need someone with business experience to get us out of this mess. Mr. Foley, to me, seems like someone who will hit the ground running. The only hope is that a few of our state legislators get the boot.

Anonymous said...

I like Blumenthal a lot and think he is one of the best Attorney Generals in the country, but we need a person who can make Connecticut competitive, I think Foley is the right choice.