Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheshire World Languages is expanding

Lauren Villeco's Cheshire World Languages is expanding. The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports:

The nonprofit Cheshire World Languages program will start 2010 by expanding its offerings to a location in Meriden. Details about where the classes will be held are still being worked out, but Lauren Villecco, the group’s founder and president, said Latin will be offered to students enrolling in the Meriden classes. Last semester, the third in the program’s existence, 38 students were enrolled, about three times the number who had taken classes in the previous semester.

I studied in France (Paris & Cannes) for a semester in 1993. I also lived in Vietnam (Saigon) from July 1995 to July 1998. In both places I tried to learn the language and was relatively successful in Vietnam. Having learned Vietnamese and experienced their culture changed my life in many ways that I'm not going to explain here.

So based on my personal experience, I think learning a language is extremely helpful. It's not about the ability to speak a language so you can buy groceries or rent a car. For me, it's about understanding people.

Tim White

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Bill said...

Why don't we try Rosetta Stone?