Friday, December 11, 2009

BOE hires a "director of managment services"

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports that the BOE has hired a director of management services:

The chief operating officer of American Home Partners has been hired to serve as the district’s new director of management services.

The Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday night to hire Vincent Masciana. He has worked for 12 years for American Home Partners, a home building/finance company that was created in the aftermath of the demise of DeGeorge Financial Crop. at the start of the decade.

Tim White


Tony Perugini said...

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Masciana last week and I was impressed with his experience and what he brings to the table for us.

What I liked most about him is that he does NOT come from an education background. IMO, this role requires someone with solid operations experience and the ability to approach the role from the "outside looking in" mentality. i.e. Take nothing for granted.

He brings a fresh perspective and a deep business management background to the table. I personally look forward to working with Mr. Masciana in the near future. I'm hoping that one of the items he'll help me look into is the failed bus contract process that led to a $170K shortfall in the budget this year.

I'll try to get a copy of the job description for the "Director of Management Services" and have it posted here.

If anyone has any questions about this role, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them here.

Tony Perugini

tim white said...

That reminds me... with few exceptions, I'll post just about anything to the front page if you include your name. For some of the newcomers here, I've published front page comments from both Rs & Ds in the past.

mcjk said...

Tony, I would be hoping that you will be working with Mr. Masciana to determine if there is waste ($) in his organization and how he can trim it. I really do not know if there is, but if the comments by other posters on Tim's blog are any indication then there is.

I appreciate your efforts and I will find it interesting how the bus contract investigation goes as what his recommendations and goals are for his department; lets hear back in 100 days.

Anonymous said...

The only way the bus contract fiasco could have worked out differently would be if bids were requested BEFORE the budget was proposed. Big dollar budget items cannot be estimated.

I'll take my five thousand dollars now. Thank you

Anonymous said...

So is Mr. Masciana going to be in charge of the budget? If so, then what will Florio do?

Anonymous said...

Florio just hired his replacement. Why are we paying 2 people to do 1 job?