Friday, December 04, 2009

Peter Schiff on Dodd's banking proposal

U.S. Senate candidate Peter Schiff (R) speaks on Senator Dodd's proposed banking legislation:

Tim White


Anonymous said...
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mcjk said...
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mcjk said...

This clip summarizes why Schiff is great and we need him in Congress. He understands the consequences of actions and to where they will lead. So instead of politicians spending our money and us thinking just how great they are because they spend our money, Schiff wants us to have our money to spend our selves.

As you post more on Schiff I encourage your other readers to post their views on Schiff. I am curious to their views and understanding.

Lastly I recoomend posting the written version of Senator's Jim Bunnings grilling of Ben Bernanke ( The video version is good but hard to listen to; he is no Daniel Hannan

Tim White said...

I don't even know what that website is (I never click those odd links that are OT), but I'll delete it... along with seeing if I can add something here that may be able to fight the bots a bit.

Tim White said...

he is no Daniel Hannan

Given some time to rehearse, Hannan is fantastic.

I hadn't heard about Bunning, but know he's no fan of The Fed.

I want to watch the Demint Q&A. They front-paged it at CFL.

Tim White said...

Btw MCJK... one of the reasons I sought out Schiff was because I had been thinking about ways for him to win. So I gave his people an idea for ensuring 15% at convention.