Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dodd's priorities are wrong, perhaps thinking he's TBTF

Senator Chris Dodd is on the front page of the HuffPost tonight.


Immediately below the current lead story regarding the minimal 48 hours it took the Obama Administration to flip flop on a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan... is a breaking story about Senate Dems caucusing on the public option. You'll find the story on The Hill. But what really irks me is the image on HuffPo.

Pictured left to right:

Tom Harkin - Chairman of HELP (Health, Employee, Labor, Pensions)
Chris Dodd - Chairman of Banking
Harry Reid - Senate Majority Leader

At a time when Senator Dodd is supposed to be dealing with the reappointment of The Comrade-in-Chief of Central Planning The Commander-in-Chief of Central Planning, Ben Bernanke... and supposed to be ending the era of Too Big To Fail...

He is once again stepping into the middle of the healthcare debate.

I guess Senator Harkin is incapable of leading?

Chris Dodd has his priorities wrong. He should be spending his time ending the days of bailouts for Wall Street.

But maybe he hasn't seen any of the polls this year? Apparently he thinks that he's TBTF.

Tim White

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