Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blue Spring State Park in Florida

I disappeared for the weekend. I have family in Florida and we decided to meet there this year. It was nice to see all my siblings, as well as nieces and nephews. And of course the non-Floridians did some sightseeing. I loved our Boxing Day sidetrip - Blue Spring State Park. Sure we got turned away at 1:30pm because the park was full. But we had to return when we saw the sign that read: Today's manatee count - 162.

Here's some of the beautiful scenery along the river:

A few of the big, blubbery guys are huddled here:And here's a short video that I took of one of them putting on "a performance" for the crowd:

And the following day I took a sidetrip to Cape Canaveral with some of the fam. My soon-to-be 8-yr-old niece was probably the main reason we took this particular trip.

She's working on a science project for school. Included in her science project will be an interview with an old friend of my dad. His name is Edgar Mitchell. If you don't recognize his name... he's one of a dozen or so people who have actually defied the old saying "no one gets out of here alive." On the contrary, he, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and a few others actually did manage to do just that.

And with regard to my cap... no, it's not my way of cheering for Ben Bernanke. It's the Bridgeport Bluefish!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't resist- Hey Tim, maybe next year you can invite them all up for a day at Mixville.

cedar lane said...

Tim, do hurry back to balmy Cheshire.
The wind chill tonight will dip below zero!