Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Proposed resolution for the CPD meeting

Here is the proposed resolution for tomorrow's meeting:

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Town Council approves Resolution #121009-1

RESOLUTION #121009-1

WHEREAS, the Town Council has considered options for reviewing management and labor relations issues within the Cheshire Police Department, and

WHEREAS, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), through their Public Safety Services representative Leonard A. Matarese, has provided an initial proposal that includes the following: ICMA police experts will perform an on-site visit and conduct a preliminary assessment of current department operations, and identification of specific areas for further detailed study, and will then prepare and deliver a report that will serve as a recapitulation of initial findings, as well as a detailed description of those areas that require further detailed study, and will include a description of study methods, pricing information, and a schedule/ timeline for performance of the identified services. This initial report will be provided within an estimated timeframe of 30-40 days from the time of initial engagement. It is expected that the fee for this initial assessment will not exceed $5,000.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Council authorizes the Town Manager to engage the services of ICMA as per the terms above, with funds made available through the existing appropriation/encumbrance for the Strategic Plan.

I'm not sure if it'll change. Nor am I sure if I'll support it. At this point, I'm thinking we just direct the TM to mediate this conflict. We give, for example, a three month window and determine if the solution is satisfactory. If not, the Council finds a new TM.

I'm confident a new TM could fall in the "independent and impartial" category.

Tim White

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