Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dem suggests new legislative leaders needed

From the Courant's Rick Green reporting on the ongoing budget debacle in Hartford:

"It is depressing," said state Sen. Ed Meyer, a Democrat from Guilford. "We badly need a new governor. We probably need new legislative leaders."

While some legislators want to behave as adults, the legislative leaders (such as Senate President Don Williams) seem to prefer spending their time demanding compliance from all rank'n'file members on every-which-issue by threatening to eliminate their reserved parking space.

CTs legislature would be greatly improved if both Don Williams and his number three, Tom Gaffey, left Hartford next year.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

There's a lot NOT to like on BOTH sides of the aisle in Hartford!

tim white said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

This is true at the local level also. The leadership in the Cheshire Democratic Party should crawl under the table and resign. If they ran a business the way they ran the last campaign they would be on welfare. (Starting with the Chairman and Treasurer & campaign Coordinator)

Anonymous said...

There has to be more balance in Hartford or nothing gets done as is the case now. The D's have a huge majority and still nothing is done. Please make a move before the ship sinks. You have the power use it.

Anonymous said...

I think there was and still is a reason why our state has gotten the name Corruticut. Our state government is run primarily for the benefit of the state politicians, their families, friends, employees and the ever present paying special interests.

Consider the fact that before Weicker, the state was run on revenue primarily obtained from a sales tax. Since that time, new revenues from the state lottery was introduced, revenues from two major casinos, the income tax, hundreds of smaller taxes and fees added and increases in almost every other tax and fees have been made. Today there is almost no human activity free of state taxes.

Today with all that additional revenue the state is in a major financial crisis and the Democratic majority is unwilling to reduce anything. Where the hell does all the money go?

When will the legislature realise that jobs are leaving Connecticut, because Connecticut is not competitive and until costs are brought down, jobs will continue to decline.

The recent attempt to keep Pratt here by offering $100,000,000 from the state didn't prove to be enough, and it doesn't make much sense to keep offering money to keep companies here. Pay one to stay and other companies have to pay additional taxes to make up for these special offers.

Connecticut has to get its act together and decide to be a low cost state, and that means cutbacks. It means cutbacks and elimination of services that only serve the people that are suppose to be delivering the service. It also means bringing all public sector wages and benefits in line with the private sector.