Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Forget healthcare, the BIG debate is Paul v. Bernanke

Forget about Obama, Reid and healthcare. Healthcare policy is important, but it's dwarfed by the importance of monetary policy. While the debate rages about where Harry will find 60 votes, I think the really pressing questions are:

1) fractional reserve banking vs. full reserve banking
fiat money vs. honest money
the existence of the Federal Reserve

And of course...

What will be the world's reserve currency? The US Dollar or a "basket" of currencies?

And now The Hill's Silla Brush reports on the most significant battle in Washington:

Rep. Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke are locked in a clash of titans...

The fight is still in the early rounds. But with the full House expected to vote this week to give government auditors more power to scrutinize the Fed, Paul has the upper hand...

Bernanke and Paul have never met one-on-one behind closed doors, Paul’s office said. The battle has taken place in public — on blogs, with grassroots activists and during congressional hearings.

I love this guy. He not only believes in his cause. He also believes in public debate. Go Ron Paul!

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Bigger debate is climategate.