Sunday, December 06, 2009

Indecision 2010 is heating up

Apparently the first Saturday after Thanksgiving weekend is considered a good day for political mailers. I got them from:

1) Sam Caligiuri - Sam is running in a GOP primary for the nod to run against Chris Murphy for CTs fifth congressional district. I like Sam. In Hartford, he's fought the spending side of the equation. I expect he'll do the same in Washington.

2) Michael Fedele - Our incumbent Lt. Governor wants to be the Republican running for Governor next year. I really have no opinion of him because I don't know anything about him.

3) Tom McClintock - He's a California Congressman to whom I donated in 2008.

4) Larry Cafero - Larry is the House minority leader in Hartford. Apparently he wants to run for higher office, but he's not yet sure which office. As the House minority leader, he's done a good job IMO. And not knowing anything about the two other Republicans (Foley & Fedele) running for Governor, I hope Larry decides to run for Governor. Despite being in a superminority for the past few years, Larry has still managed to break through the MSM to present a message of restraining taxes and spending. Here's the cover of the flyer I got from him yesterday:

I also got a mailer from Kie Westby last week. Mr. Westby is running in the GOP field for the CT-5. It was a pretty big mailer - too big, too much information. And after flipping through it, nothing grabbed me.

Tim White

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