Thursday, October 02, 2008

"We will not Christmas-tree this" bailout

Senator Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, said legislators would not imperil the proposal by adding too many extras. “We will not Christmas-tree this bill,” he said Sunday on Fox. “The times are too urgent.” - NYTimes, Sept 21 2008 (By BRIAN KNOWLTON and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN)

Emboldened by the feverish bidding for votes, other members of both parties were demanding substantial changes to the legislation before they would vote for it. A group of Republican opponents indicated they'd back it if the price tag were slashed to $250 billion and several special tax breaks added by the Senate - including for children's archery bow makers, imported rum producers and racetrack owners - were removed. - AP, Oct 2 2008 (By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS)

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Rush had a clip on yesterday from Tom Coburn.

The man made more sense than anyone else on the mess in DC, complaining that they are busy curing the symptoms but have no desire at all to deal with the disease, which is a lack of adherence to consitutional limitations on government

tim white said...

Coburn is one of my favorite Senators.

Even if one accepts Hamilton's argument of "implied powers," I can't believe many people would think he'd tolerate this corrupt body to continue unchecked as Bush does.

Anonymous said...

Tom Coburn is sorta where I am . He did vote for the crap sandwich, but thinks we need to figure out why we have so much crap to begin with.

I think right now a compelling case can be made to shut down the "affordable housing" industry. Falling prices are a primal scream from the market that we already have too much housing stock in the US, and it is foolish to subsidize building any more.

On that note, are they still planning to turn the NE into Cheshire's version of Co-op City?

Anonymous said...

No wonder pork has gotten so expensive!