Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden / Palin debate

I watched most of it from the central CT GOP Veep debate watch party organized by state Senate candidate Tim Lenox. There were also a few other candidates present, though not from Cheshire - incumbent Art O'Neil, Dave Aron, Scott Adamsons and Floresia Allen. And I bumped into several town committee members, including Tom Ruocco and Tali Maidelis.

Anyway, unlike the last debate where I thought Obama did marginally better overall (not on substance, but on style)... I'd call it a draw with Biden winning on substance and Palin winning on style. No offense to Senator Biden, but he just reminds me too much of the Senate... which IMO is a huge part of the problems facing America (though I actually really like Biden as the current Chair of Foreign Relations).

To contrast, I thought Sarah was less Senatorial and more human. Though I couldn't really understand what she said about gay marriage (or was it civil unions?? which btw, I support). And I was really turned off by her less-than-strict Constitutional interpretation of the role of the Vice President.

Bottom line was that it didn't mean much to me. And I doubt it'll mean too much to America since the POTUS is the person calling the shots.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

You’re right that Biden won on substance and Palin on performance. I think Palin gained a slight edge because she beat the lowered expectations of her after her embarrassing interview with Katie Couric last week.

It’s funny hearing Palin’s detractors howl about how ‘unqualified’ she is to be VP or President. Obama is no more qualified or experienced than Palin, only he’s had a year longer to memorize his talking points.

On gay marriage: she emphasized her belief in ‘traditional marriage’ while Biden emphasized his belief in equal treatment. But all four of them (including Obama and McCain) have the same basic position: no federal constitutional amendment to block gay marriage; let the states decide.

Anonymous said...

Palin is definitely cuter and winkier. If this were a beauty contest, she would have certainly won, after all she has all those years of training for beauty pageants.

Do they now go to the next stage with the bathing suit competition?