Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pavement Management System

At the July 8 Council meeting, we were introduced to a Pavement Management Software:
My initial reaction is that it's unnecessary spending. Based on the information provided (seemed to be primarily photos) that would be entered to the software, I don't see how this system is that much better than simply asking the DPW crews to stay aware of the conditions of the roads and report back deterioration.

Furthermore, we spent a bunch of money on our GIS system and we don't use it. So why should I have faith that if we buy this software it will:

1) be implemented on time and on budget?
2) be used?

Finally, I don't think we need to be spending heaps of money right now.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I agree. We don't need to be spending heaps of money! Forget buying some of the software, dump trucks, fire trucks, emergency ops center (use the police dept); forget spending 80K to drill a well at Boulder Knoll or making a parking lot there; forget the senior center gym (offer them a busride to the Y). Fix the roof leak at the pool but don't spend anymore over there until the bubble issue is figured out.

FORGET using the $525,000 on a turf field. REDIRECT that money to something more important like the pool cover or use it for a energy relief fund for those taxpayers who will struggle paying their heating costs this winter.

Anonymous said...

PMS reporting: Beep beep beep....there is a pot hole at the end of Maple Ave...please scramble personnel from the emergency ops bunker. This is not a test.

tim white said...


Makes me think of my favorite meep'er.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder if maybe somewhere out there in computer land there isn’t an adequate freeware piece of software which does what the expensive alternative discussed here does? Anyone actually tried looking? It’s hard to believe with so many towns maintaining so many roads worldwide that literally thousands of really bright folks with some computer smarts haven’t put something together which works and is maybe now offered as freeware.

Anonymous said...

My God, do these people realize that Cheshire is a small town, who not only doesn't need this but can't afford it.
We are not New York or even Waterbury.
Why not have the police or other public personnel report areas where paving may be needed?

Anonymous said...

This will give the illusion of good management of paving money, but the work will continue to be determined by the local developers.