Thursday, August 21, 2008

MRJ on public safety software

The MRJs Jesse Buchanan reports:

Police and fire department officials requested Monday night that $270,000 for a new computer dispatch and records system be included in the capital expenditure plan...

"I think it's something we truly need to do," said councilor Tim Ruocco.

I absolutely agree with Tom. I've heard about the inefficiencies of the current software from several officers.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Is the hardware sufficient to run the software or in (2) years will they be requesting $100K for hardware upgrades??? Just becuase the officers wnat it, is that a reason to spend the $270K??

Anonymous said...

Just go back to last July All the software and training in the world they have and what good was it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the town engineer lived in town, he would be familiar with the streets and their condition and there would be no need for more outside consultant and software..