Friday, August 29, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin

I don't know much about her yet. But Wikipedia has this tidbit that probably couldn't be said since at least Teddy Roosevelt was around:

She and her father would sometimes wake at 3 a.m. to hunt moose before school

And several sources suggest she was elected Governor on a "good government" platform... running against the Alaskan GOP machine of Senator Ted Stevens and his ilk.

I like her so far.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Great choice! She's conservative, pro-environment, pro-life, and gutsy enough to stand up to corruption in her own party.

Her one weakness is lack of foreign policy experience, but she's running for the #2 spot, not the top spot.

Obama's lack of experience is only highlighted by his choice of Joe Biden. Biden should have topped the Dem ticket with Obama as #2.

I love this SNL skit of "President Obama" having to call Hillary every night to seek her advice:

Anonymous said...

She's much better looking then Joe Biden is.

tim white said...

I just watched a quick youtube clip of her.

She's very well-spoken.

Also I liked it when she was speaking of her years as a mayor. She mentioned her work on reducing local "property taxes."

Her experience with property taxes may resonate well with people across America.

Anonymous said...

When she won the governor's election back in '06 she won by a close margin. A total of 206,000 votes were cast.
She based her platform on change and they feel she won because of her inexperience in political office. She wasn't a career politician.
It will be interesting to see what she does for the campaign. The republicans were using Obama's inexperience as an issue.
As a footnote, McCain only got 15.6%(2,132 votes) of the republicans votes in the caucus, behind Romney (43.7%),Huckabee (21.9%) and Ron Paul (17%).
Maybe this was his move to win Alaska's 3 delegates.