Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Good government" measure by Adinolfi

During the days leading up to the vote on the Pavement Management System, I was thinking about more than just streets. I also concluded that the public deserves to know:

1) the town's list of project priorities and
2) the criteria used in creating that list

I briefly touched on this idea here in relation to a number of issues - roads, sidewalks, curbs, tree trimming, etc.

But that's at a town level.

Wouldn't it be great if Congress or even the legislature directed their respective administrations to publicly disclose the criteria used in prioritizing projects? And of course, they'd disclose the order in which projects would be done and provide clear cut explanations when projects "skip to the front of the line" by some sort of magic.

FWIW, this is something that's been in the back of my mind for some time... but I never put pen to paper and forced myself to fully consider how to make this happen.

Anyway, I finally thought this through and recently brought the idea to State Rep. Al Adinolfi. He was receptive to the idea and is considering it.

I doubt the slush-fund-lovers in Hartford (Amann/Rell/Williams) would ever consider this. But if the idea gets some exposure... who knows? As far as I can tell, CTs Prop 3% started here on TWL. And while that's fizzled... I'm convinced that new media can move mountains.

Tim White

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