Sunday, August 24, 2008

US Senate to prohibit Ob-Gyn from practice

I've mentioned him here before - perhaps my favorite Senator - Tom Coburn (R-OK). (Rasmussen Reports)

I first heard of him when he was running for an open Senate seat in 2004. He struck me as being too far to the right for my taste on a number of issues.

But then he got elected and showed his true colors... a man who cares about America and knows who sent him there - the voters... not porkmeisters Byrd and Stevens.

And now I see this gem on Rasmussen Reports:

Senator Tom Coburn is unknown to most Americans, but the strange workings of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics could end up making the Oklahoma Republican far more popular than he is today....

He is best known in Washington as "Dr. No" for battling his colleagues over wasteful government spending. However, when people learn about his battle with the Senate ethics committee, Coburn’s ratings skyrocket to levels that would make his colleagues jealous.

Coburn is a medical doctor who continues to deliver about 400 babies a year. When told that it would be a violation of Senate rules to earn such outside income, Coburn stopped collecting money. He actually loses money for delivering the babies since he pays for malpractice insurance out of his own pocket....

But, according to that’s not good enough for the six senators on the ethics committee, three from each party. They have ordered Coburn to stop delivering babies for free even though he provides services for poor and uninsured women.

How screwed up can these people possibly be? They're supposed to be 100 people who represent America... but I can't imagine a group of 100 people who are more detached from reality. Dodd and Lieberman ought to tell the Senate Ethics Committee to get their act together, but I'm sure they won't... because they're as much a part of the problem as the rest of them.

Rasmussen continues...

Government ethics and corruption consistently rank near the top of voter concerns about Election 2008.

I agree. As concerned as I am about the fiscal irresponsibility of Washington and Hartford... as long as our government is so heavily influenced by all these creeps who are either headed to jail or are currently under indictment... how could we ever expect to have a fiscally responsible government?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

My suggestion for Dr. Coburn is to open a clinic on K Street in DC and limit his free deliveries only to lobbyists or wives/girlfriends/mistresses of lobbyists

The Senate will probably give him a huge earmark then.

tim white said...

Maybe he could propose building a $230million bridge from the Capitol Building to K Street.

Oh, wait!

Coburn is the one who exposed Stevens for that.

And he delivers babies for free?

He clearly doesn't belong in Washington if he "does the right thing."

spendaholic liberal said...

But we can't have doctors delivering babies for free. Government has to spend, spend, spend to deliver babies of poor mothers.

On the other hand, if he were performing abortions for free, that should be encouraged as an act of charity.

tim white said...

Asking Coburn for an abortion is like asking Ron Paul for an abortion (or for support of anything unconstitutional)... NOT gonna happen.