Friday, August 22, 2008

Take home vehicles - Public Works Dept (4/7)

Recently, an anonymous commenter questioned if I was "cherrypicking" the vehicles that I've been posting here. No, I have not. I'm posting all of the information that was provided by the TM as directed by the Council (using a resolution I drafted).

And another commenter asked about the Town's alcohol and drug policy in relation to the take home vehicles. I think that's a great question, particularly since so many vehicles are used for emergency purposes. Unfortunately, after years of asking about these take home vehicles and always getting the same answer, I'm convinced we'll be told yet again "these aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along."

Tim White


Anonymous said...

You can’t make this stuff up.

Let’s see if I understand. It sounds like the engineering technician should be the lowest paid in a group getting take home vehicles which included a senior crew leader living in Southington, a highway superintendent living in Meriden, and a public works director living in Branford. At least out in the world of competitive business and commerce usually technicians are not making what supervisors, managers and directors are making.

And technicians who perform certain routine activities supporting engineering functions can sometimes be paid quite well and deservedly so. It is good to see a municipal employee not at the top in salary terms being able to afford to live in the town that provides them with a paycheck.

I guess my point- -what I am trying to understand - - is just how did the town luck out on this one position? Could it be the ridiculous sized SUV given to the tech, a Ford Expedition? Maybe it consumes only 2 or 3 gallons of fuel a week making the 10 mile a week trip to and from work. A Honda Fit might be more appropriate though from an image, mileage, and maintenance viewpoint.

I guess from what has been presented here this member of the town electorate suggests that if the tech wants to be promoted to even a low level supervisory role or management maybe the tech should take up residence outside of town. The farther out you live maybe the higher you go too. Look at where the director lives. Branford almost seems like another time zone from Cheshire.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Is anyone in charge really looking out for us tax payers? On second thought, is anyone really in charge - - -?

Anonymous said...

When people live outside of town, their job is just another ho-hum job.

When they live in town they learn what the town is all about and take a real interest in making it better. It's a matter of perspective.

And when they they pay taxes in the town that they work, they think more about how efficient they could make the government and about keeping expenses down.

I wonder if the school superintendent would be pushing artificial turf as hard as he is or if he would have been more concerned that the mall would add a significant number of children to the school system.

Tim White said...

Just because someone lives in another town doesn't mean they're disinterested in making things more efficient.

If that were the case, people who work for businesses would never have any interest in making the business more efficient because s/he is not a resident of the business.

There may be a higher likelihood of an ee being more interested in finding efficiencies. But I know people who work for CT municipalities and live in other towns... and do try to find ways to save money.