Wednesday, August 13, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - Schools - renovation (1/3)

The schools are a pretty big piece of the capital budget, so I'm breaking it down into parts. You can find the entire capital budget for the schools here. And of the three major parts, only the "renovations" have anything proposed for this year. The detailed renovations budget is here:And I'm including the details of the renovations in three parts beginning here:Here is the proposed $1.9million heating retrofit for CHS (the back part near the boys gym). It would be a conversion from electricity to a cheaper form of heat:I see at least two issues with this multi-million dollar project...

1) Do we have enough compressed natural gas (CNG) to even handle the proposed heating system? (There is another meeting with Yankee Gas on Aug. 25)

2) Assuming the voters support this project, how would it be financed? Can we finance it with a performance contract... avoiding a large cash outlay?

Tim White

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What is the district wide 21st century classroom project?