Monday, August 25, 2008

Take home vehicles - Public Works Dept (7/7)

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to keep track of the location of each emergency. If most occur at the plant, then the need of a take home is questionable.

As for plowing, shouldn't this be done by Public Works and therefore the need for a Ford 150 might be questionable.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that one Operator II is collecting all the OT associated with an incredible amount of after hours calls. Sounds like there were 60 during weekdays for a year, or on average more than 1 per week.

Sounds like there were 100 scheduled occasions of weekend work. How can that be, there are only about 104 weekend days in a year? Are we being told that this one individual worked 100 of 104 weekend days? Was that beyond that person’s normal workweek? I’ll bet weekends are at least at time and a half rates, if not double time.

The numbers sound too amazing. Maybe I read too much into them. TW see if you can reassure us that one Operator II didn’t work a full 2080 hours plus 50 days at time and a half and 50 days at double time. That could come to 1400 hours beyond a more or less normal work year in a calendar year. Now 1400 hours is so close a year’s effort that maybe an additional employee, properly supervised would be a good idea too.

I sure hope the plant supervision and management are focused on broad town needs, lower taxes being at the top of the list. I hope the work processes that are in place don’t rely on forced call-ins just to get through every day and every week.