Thursday, August 07, 2008

Finding info on the Adinolfi / Esty race

If you're looking for info on the race in the 103rd House District of Cheshire, Hamden, Wallingford... these are some useful links:

Al Adinolfi (R)
Elizabeth Esty (D)

I like Elizabeth's website. Very well done.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Esty repeatedly refuses to respond to Project Vote Smart’s Political Courage questionnaire, even when asked to do so by leaders of the political parties and prominent members of the media. Project Vote Smart’s questionnaires are among the most respected and referred-to in political campaigns.

By contrast, Rep. Al Adinolfi has responded to the Vote Smart questionnaire. Between that and his voting record in Hartford, his positions are clear for all the voters to see.

Esty’s warm and fuzzy website is a poor substitute for her not giving specific answers about her positions on major issues. She will be pressed again to answer the Vote Smart questionnaire and state her positions clearly. The voters are entitled to know.

Anonymous said...

Why not have a televised debate on the issues of the day. I want to know where each candidate stands on their solution to:

1. Protecting our country from the next 9-11, because it's coming, it's just a matter of when, where and how.
2. The fuel crisis
3. The economy
4. Health Care costs
5. Strengthening of crime laws, including a real three strikes and your out law.
6. Campaign finance reform
7. lobbiest
8. Education
9. Social Security
10. Social issues
11. Balancing the federal budget
12. Illegal immigration
13. Protecting our nations borders.
14. Becoming totally energy independant.
15. winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
16. Protecting the environment throughout the world. Especially from big polluting countries like, China, India and Mexico.
17. Outsourcing of American jobs
18. The line item veto
19. PAC's
20. Should I continue?

Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

Esty probably had some Harvard or Yale type make an 'in-kind" donation by setting up her site.

If the elections is based on who has more rich friends or celebrity contacts,well Adinolfi can't compete.

I really do not think putting another yuppie in office who will buy expensive toys on the state credit card is the way to go

Anonymous said...

I think Estey is more concerned about herself than the constitutents. As we have seen in Cheshire, she will blindly follow the party dictates and support the special interests inorder to get ahead.

We don't need people who falsely accuse and try to discredit honest hardworking people like she did with the whole shenanigate. It was nothing more than dirty tricks and she has yet to apologies for her and Hall's vicious attacks. This one incident says so much about the integrity of this candidate.

Anonymous said...

EE is running for state rep..not President! Lets ask about state and town issues...

Anonymous said...

Then Esty should answer the Vote Smart questions which are about state and local issues. Or is her hidden agenda so far out that she doesn't want the voters to know?

Anonymous said...

When will Esty produce the legal briefs she authored before she moved to Cheshire?

Methinks radical lawyering is very popular up in MA, and she thinks she can hide it all from us simple suburban working folk here in Cheshire

Anonymous said...

What race? AA vs EE. AA will win.