Tuesday, August 05, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - Parks & Recreation

Mixville - dredging & dam repairBartlem Park storage, resurface basketball & tennis courts, pave lots at Bartlem & Mixville, fencing at Bartlem & Cheshire Parks, dog park - fence & parkingLinear park extensionImprovements to the poolI note that additional paved parking areas offers obvious benefits. But it also creates additional impervious surfaces that are not particularly helpful to the environment, groundwater, Long Island Sound (via storm drains), etc.

Something to consider while performing the proverbial balancing act.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

$100,800 for a vinyl pool liner seems like a lot. What's the life expectancy of it? How was it determined that a liner was the way to go?
Is $30,000 for a new roof or just repairs?
I hope any councilors who read this "bathroom wall" will ask some questions.

Anonymous said...

I thought they agreed not to pave the lot at Mixville. It's not necessary and the $ is needed for other issues.