Saturday, August 16, 2008

Open forum 8/16

The NHRs Luther Turmelle has reported on a number of stories in the past few days:

One story is about Thursday's public hearing on the capital budget. Reading the article reminds me of my comments about the the Pavement Management System and that the town should publicly state the priorities for various DPW projects, such as road, sidewalk, tree trimming, etc.

A story on Boulder Knoll.

And a story on CHS football getting televised.

The Knoxville Sentinel is reporting that the "(Tennessee Valley Authority) has approved a water-access deal for a development group whose investors include U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler, D-N.C., who sits on a committee that exercises oversight of the federal utility." Heath Shuler was one of Speaker Pelosi's 2006 "majority makers*." What's interesting to me is that I figured it was only old-timers who gained from their positions of power. I may have been wrong... I wish we could elect honest people to office. Obviously, I love Ron Paul in the House. But in the Senate, we've got some honest straight shooters, such as the GOPs Tom Cobern and the left's Russ Feingold. Sure, they bring very different views to Washington. But at least they're honest.

What else is happening?

Tim White

* Freshman Chris Murphy is also one of the House "majority makers."


Anonymous said...

well, since you mentioned Chris Murphy he is flip flopping on oil drilling

Guess he wasn't happy with his last polling numbers

Anonymous said...

Five people is all it takes to get to the top of the list. I guess the same applies to the TC.

Anonymous said...

CHS football being televised is no big deal. Once that "naming" policy goes through the fence will begin to be littered with advertisement/banners. It will look horrible, but that's how the turf supporters plan on raising funds so the council will pass the policy for them.
Anything for the turf!

Anonymous said...

Let's sell the name of the CHS team to the highest bidder. Hey , if it gets us free turf, we can root for the Cheshire Charmins, who will wipe out all their opponents!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at the rubber at the KIM playground. It needs repair or replacing. How long did it last? If they used good old fashion sand we could rake it up and be on our way but not now.