Thursday, August 21, 2008

Take home vehicles - Public Works Dept (3/7)

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

So many employees living so far from work, not even in the town where they work. The employees are required to be available 24/7 according to these write ups being shared here. As a seasoned professional who has spent many years in organizations requiring routine emergency call-ins for important functions I am well aware that this method of operation can pose certain unintended risks to both workers and innocent by standers. Some industries, both regulated and unregulated, actually have hard and fast policies on personal behavior so many hours prior to an unplanned emergency call-in.

I have seen no mention of the town’s drug and alcohol use policies coupled to these sagas of workers overcoming any obstacles to get into work whenever called. So Town of Cheshire, just what is the drug and alcohol use policy concerning called-in employees at all levels who receive an emergency call-in notification? And while I’m at it just what form of verification for drug and alcohol use is practiced by municipal supervision and management?

Hope to see an answer here and most certainly I hope not to see the typical babbling platitudes of union contracts and work rules and personnel privacy issues being used as a shield to hide how the town deals with this important issue.