Thursday, August 21, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - Ruocco's GOP alternative

I circled some of the numbers in the first column. Those are items that would go to referendum.

For those of you who are interested in energy conservation, I asked about performance contracting tonight. You'd have been amazed at the number of strawmen and diversionary tactics that were raised as to how the lack of consideration of performance contracting is my fault. Ha! That's like George Bush telling Nancy Pelosi she personally screwed up the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

In particular, I enjoyed the old "but no one does them for pools" excuse. Goodness... how many times have I heard that one? But for those of you who read The Bathroom Wall... click thru to this post from September 2007. Yup... that's right... they love the old "blame others for Council inaction!" Unfortunately, new media makes revisionist history difficult.I'd describe the conversation as unbelievable. But few Council (in)actions surprise me anymore. I'll probably do more on PC this weekend.

But back to Tom Ruocco... a hat tip to Tom for drafting an alternative budget intended to reduce/delay spending and expedite energy conservation measures.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

The alternative budget proposed by Ruocco looks good. It would be greatly enhanced though if more of the budget items were subject to direct voter approval as in a budget referendum. Why is it that a $165,000 improvement to our town hall doesn’t need a referendum vote by the town tax payers? Why is the $300,000 water main extension project not going out for voter approval/disapproval in a referendum either?

Anonymous said...

Is Ruocco eliminating the CHS track replacement? I didn't see it included...but that's ok. If it was just resurfaced 5 or so yrs ago, it should be fine for a few more years. Seems to me the boe or rather the turf people are just trying to get it done over the same time as the turf.

tim white said...

CHS track replacement was suggested by the Board of Ed for year two. The TM did not recommend it.

Ruocco's proposal did not address anything beyond the current year, as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Ruocco's alternative capital budget looks good, but it's probably not going to fly with the TC majority. They NEVER seem to go with any ammended motion made by the Republicans.