Friday, August 29, 2008

CHS heating & air conditioning retrofit

I'm still not sure what's happening with this.

As of Tuesday 8/26, this item was supposed to be in the capital budget. And with questions being asked by Ruocco and Sima about the $1.9million price tag and the need for a/c... staff offered two more numbers that reduced the cost of the budget:

$1.2million and $770,000

Then for some reason the number was reduced to $1.5million. Don't ask me why... I have no idea where that number came from...

Then PBC met last night. And I understand they said there are "issues."

They may now want more than $3million.

Again, don't ask me why. I wasn't at the meeting. However, I have asked staff for a copy of the architect's contract.

I'm not sure where to start getting my hands around this, but that seems as good a place as any.

No doubt this project will be a doozy.

Tim White

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