Monday, August 11, 2008

Local blogs are making money

While visiting MLN, I came across this NYTimes article on local blogs (by Bob Tedeschi).

No, the Times didn't see fit to mention TWL, UTH or CTP... but they did mention a few of CTs new online media sources, such as CTNewsJunkie and the New Haven Independent. Regardless...

What I found most interesting was how some local blogs are now making real money: debuted in early 2004 and now attracts 18,000 readers on peak days, Ms. George said. In recent months the site has attracted more than 82,000 monthly readers, or roughly twice the population of Montclair, and about three times the number of readers it had early last year, she said. (While some Web sites like and offer blog traffic measurements, that information is often incomplete. There are few reliable methods to verify readership figures for most blogs since Internet research firms tend to track sites above a certain threshold of visitors.)

The site has a full-time editor, Annette Batson, who is the "daily editor, " (the founders don’t regard themselves as full-time editors), a full-time designer, and four part-time workers. Ms. George said that the site now consistently generates more than $10,000 in monthly profits.

Nice. I wouldn't mind making $10k per month to do this! Maybe one of you will start one up?

Tim White

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