Monday, August 18, 2008

08/09 Capital budget meeting - 8/18

There was another capital budget meeting tonight. It started at 6pm and I got there a few minutes late. It was basically public safety tonight.

First up was Lt. Markella of the CPD. It was pretty straightforward. He made a succinct and compelling case for the PDs proposed new software. Basically, they currently use up to eight systems that, while effective, are not as efficient as they could be. And based on my own experience (when I'm on the web and a screen locks up), even an extra few seconds of processing time can be frustrating... and I'm not in law enforcement. To me, this makes a lot of sense.

Next up was Chief Casner for the CFD. He's asking for lots of stuff in the five year capital expenditure plan, but has only one item in the current year budget - $300k for water mains. I'm uncertain about this, but did ask for a map showing where he proposes water mains. As I've mentioned before, water mains allow for greater density development. And development is fine with me... if you own the land, you can build on it. But at the same time... more development will require more services... and taxes will further increase. So I want to know where the water lines are proposed. Jack also assured me that he's working with the DPW to avoid multiple road cuts that can be so annoying.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It's important to find out exactly what roads they want water mains on and who owns the adjacent properties. Once a water main goes in, the property value goes way up as now you can put a lot more units up on the same amount of property.

This is being billed as a need for enhanced fire protection, but is it really needed and will the money, once appropriated, be used for that location, or will the $300,000 go into a handy discretionary slush fund. We have been seeing a number of cases where money budgeted for one thing ends up being used for something else.

Also, will existing property owners be assessed for a part of the cost and will they be told upfront what those cost will be, even if it is put as a lien on their property?

During these economic times, and all the other pressing town needs, this request should be denied.

Anonymous said...

Water mains to nowhere...

Anonymous said...

When are we going to put in for fixing or replacing the brick sidewalks in the center of town? They are breaking up fast. Who came up with that a brick management software system consultant? Salt on bricks = broken bricks. We could do better than that.

Anonymous said...

Is this extension for the water main to go to the W/S mall and the apartments that will probably built by local developers?

Something looks fishy.

Kill this request.

Anonymous said...

I'll be somehow the Bowman's are involved.