Saturday, August 23, 2008

Turf truthiness

Yesterday I offered a Canadian MP's definition of truthiness:

something that is spoken as if true that one wants others to believe is true, that said often enough with enough voices orchestrated in behind it, might even sound true, but is not true.

And yesterday's MRJ reported on the desire for greater use of athletic fields:

The Cheshire Town Council assigned an ad hoc Board of Education committee, including Trifone, to investigate a possible solution: artificial turf.

Of course, I've already explained the fact that there was no need for the turf to be on the agenda. And the only official thing that happened with this unnecessary vote was an acceptance of the turf money because when it comes to the turf, the Council has no authority over the BOE.

But for the entire majority to spend time addressing the facts with vigor would conflict with the turf truthiness of certain members of the majority.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Great example of truthiness in that MRJ article. You can just see how Trifone is trying to build his case for the turf. He wants everyone to believe it's safe even though Blumenthal has pointed out the critical flaws in the CPSC report. It seems the CPSC focused on the lead content and not the toxic, cancer causing chemicals.

Anonymous said...

Most times when you email a board member or a council member with a question(s) you get a response..or at least you should get a response.

Here's a few questions I emailed to Bob Behrer, head of the turf committee.
1. Did you find out who gave the $10K for the study?(This question he said he was going to ask at the first turf meeting).
2. Can you give back up info or support to the turf committees statement that MRSA on turf is killed by natural temperature changes?
3. DeLauro (and now Blumenthal) have issued press releases claiming the CPSC's study on turf is extremely flawed. Will the committee wait for further testing before making a decision on turf?
4. EHHI is an unbiased group that has issued turf reports. Inviting them to a turf committee meeting would be an excellent idea. Can you arrange to have them at a turf meeting?

Those were my questions. It's been over a week and I have yet to get a response. Maybe it's because he doesn't have the answers...or doesn't want anyone to know the answers.


Tim White said...

I suggest resending a few times. And if you get no answer, just call. But if you want the answers in writing, then ask for a written response.

In my dealings with Bob he has always been open and honest.

There are elected officials in town who have demonstrated their unwillingness or inability to be open and honest, but Bob has never done anything to lead me to believe that he is among them.

Anonymous said...

Her we go again . Let's put the "fox " in charge of the "hen house". Are you serious about who is on this Ad hoc committee?

Anonymous said...

I took your advice, Tim, and emailed Behrer again. I'm not surprised that he didn't answer the 4 straight forward questions. Here's basically what he said:

"Other people are also e-mailing me about turf issues and I'm forced to say - I read your messages and issues important to the process are being or will be discussed at our meetings."

tim white said...

I took your advice, Tim, and emailed Behrer again.

Should I laugh or cry?

Binary questions shouldn't be so difficult to answer.