Saturday, August 16, 2008

Take home vehicles - Parks & Rec Department

The Parks & Recreation Department has two take home vehicles:
Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Town supplied vehicles for town employees at all levels foster an entitlement mentality. These statements of need and use are pretty weak at defending what appears to be a very costly de facto town employee benefit program.

Sure, some of these folks need a vehicle on occasion. We all do. And sometimes maybe a bigger one. But when one extends this kind of argument at some point you can come up with great reasons for the town snow plow driver to be taking home his really big, 1 mile-to-the-gallon snow plow truck in July, just in case.

Come on town employees, if you really need a vehicle your reasoning should be more detailed then, gosh sometimes I’m driving sound systems around. Let everyone in town know just how many times, how many miles, and times and dates this really took place. Quite possibly there are other ways to accomplish your task. And quite possibly there isn’t really a task needing a Sherman tank sized fuel hungry vehicle either.

For instance, if the cost for the vehicle is maybe $5,000 per year and 90%+ of its documentable mileage cannot be equated to specific work type activities I bet most tax payers would be saying why are we paying for this?