Sunday, August 17, 2008

08/09 Capital budget - Schools - renovation (3/3)

This is the third of three parts on the schools capital budget for renovations. See the first part here and the second part here.Smartboards:
Dodd kitchen renovations:
CHS track resurfacing:

I understand the Dodd kitchen renovations to include structural changes, such as moving a fridge upstairs (from the basement to the kitchen). As for why any new equipment related to the Dodd kitchen renovations are not being incorporated into a townwide performance contract... got me. More on that later when I have some time.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Reading the discussion concerning issues of classroom technology causes great concern to this reader. The goal for spending $1,000,000 is to improve implementation and use of technology in our schools? Not a single mention of an actual student appears. I guess taking this thinking a step further maybe another goal of our school system is to improve game playing through the implementation and use of artificial turf?

So many of these budget support items lack salient detail that much of what is presented does not seem at all justifiable. Hopefully the council is asking the tough questions and not just rubber stamping this bland collections of platitudes.

Anonymous said...

Here is a section of the letter sent to all returning staff at Highland:
"This was Highland's year for technology improvements. We are getting new computers for the computer labs, regular, special, and special eduction classrooms, another document camera and another data projector."

So the question is do we really need this much money for technology improvements in the capital budget? Doesn't the Boe's regular budget spend a good amount on technology? Are Smartboards really necessary in every classroom?

Hopefully the council will ask some questions.

Anonymous said...

Every 5 to 7 years the track needs replacing for $200,000 (or more as time goes on). And when we get the turf it will need to be replaced every 10 years or so for $600 to $800,000(?)or more. This could easily amount to $1,000,000 being spent every 10 or 12 years.

Enough is enough already! We don't need this stuff!!!