Saturday, August 09, 2008

Council agenda 8/12

I'll offer more on the TMs "goals & objectives" and employment agreement, but in the meantime... as I mentioned a week ago... I'm not sold on this $46,000 Pavement Management System.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

What is with "E" - Authorization to apply to the CT Dept of Transporation for a Underage Drinking Grant??

Did I miss something in the past - did the council ever have on their agenda an "authorization to apply for an artificial turf grant"?

I only recall the artificial turf money as a "low priority", last on the list, on the legislative package.

The turf funds were requested through what seems to be the "back door" one wants to admit who really initiated the idea nor will you ever know who gave the $10K for the study. It should have been a separate request put on the regular agenda.

As one councilor said you don't request funds for something when you don't know exactly how the rest of it will be paid for or what the ongoing expenses will be.

Poor planning for something we don't even need.